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Car Elevator

Car Elevator

Installation of an Automobile Elevator leads to better use of building space thus enhancing the value of the building. It results in a big saving of space and offers building planners and architects greater flexibility in designing buildings.

Automobile Elevator from Accord offers a safe and cost effective solution to transport automobiles between fixed levels.

Freight Elevator

As freight elevators are subjected to rough usage and hostile conditions, it is important to make them robust and sturdy. This is only possible if we make them better by design.

  • Different type of doors: vertical bi-parting, vertical and horizontal sliding
  • Custom cab heights
  • Different cab finishes

Brief Specification:

Capacity : 2000 Kg - 5000 Kg
Speed : 0.5 mps
No. of stops : 2 - 8
Max. Travel : 15 m (Hydraulic)
: 25 m (MRL/LMR)

Since each situation is unique, each automobile or freight elevator is custom-made. Please contact our Branch office or sales engineer for a design proposal speci􀀤c to your requirements.

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