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Advanced Integrated Serial Controller

Advanced integrated Serial Controller includes computer technology, Automatic control technology, Network communication technology, and Motor vector drive technology.

System Configuration


More Advanced
  • Direct stopping technology with the principle of distance control; N curves generate automatically.
  • The group control with less than 8 elevators is based on fuzzy control theory
  • Multi-CPUs redundantly control and integrate the advanced Canbus, Modbus, and GSM communication technology.
  • It provides with abundant time-sharing control function with accurate real-time clock built-in, thus it’s convenient for the buildings to fulfill the intellectualized management.
  • Flexible power failure rescue plans with either 48DC or 220VAC power input
  • It supports automatic identification operation between short floors

Easier To Use

  • It is compact combining with the control and driver system, facilitating the design of small elevator machine rooms and no machine rooms.
  • The function parameters are designed easily, aiming to facilitate the adjustment to the large extent.
  • The considerate design of small keyboards makes it easier to check up, maintain, and debug the elevator.
  • It can weigh automatically according to the weight it bears.
  • It supports many adjusting measures: computer monitoring software, PDA monitoring, and operation panel

Safer and more reliable

  • Multi-security is assured closely following the GB7588-2003 standards.
  • Fault-tolerant design of hardware and software; many types of fault treatment; maximize to eliminate accidents () to run safely.
  • EU MP Laboratory provides professional testing to give all-round confrontation against electromagnetic interference.
  • All-round confrontation against fluctuations in power grids, dust, high temperature and lightening

Safer and more reliable

  • Dedicated weighing compensating device offers near perfect compensation start.
  • High capability of vector control makes the motor performance well which brings the feeling of comfort.

More economical

  • The integration makes the system easier to operate and cost less by reducing the outside wiring in a large amount. It improves the elevator’s security and stability.
  • Canbus and Modus communication’s perfect combination reduces the amount of cables in maximum.
  • Flexible and adequate module value-added accessories
  • Series of built-in DC Reactor and Brake Unit
  • Three wires can make the interconnection, and there’s no need of extra group boards
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